Recorded Webinar: Cybersecurity – Reducing Complexity and Improving Effectiveness


New cyber threats emerge every day. While most enterprises agree that cybersecurity is essential, many aren’t sure where or how to best invest their resources. As a result, they end up using a number of products and vendors to protect their systems.

But that complexity is exactly what causes cybersecurity solutions to fail.

How can you minimize that complexity and improve the overall effectiveness of your cybersecurity solutions? Join NetCraftsmen and Cisco Systems for a free webinar to learn how to better invest your resources and maximize your protection.

During the webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Why many enterprises struggle to effectively implement cybersecurity measures
  • The method most enterprises use to select cybersecurity vendors — and why it often fails
  • How reduced complexity can improve the effectiveness of your solution
  • How a life cycle approach can help you measure and assess your cybersecurity solutions
  • How to determine where to most effectively invest your time and money

Protecting your enterprise isn’t about implementing the most cybersecurity measures. It’s about implementing the most effective solutions.


John Cavanaugh, Architect, Security Practice Lead, NetCraftsmen

John Cavanaugh, CCIE 1066, CCDE 20070002, CCAr, leads an architecture and design practice focused on infrastructure security. Previously he had several positions including Executive Director/Chief Architect for Global Network Services at JPMorgan Chase. In that capacity he led a team managing vendor relationships, network architecture and services. Prior to his role at JPMorgan Chase, John was a Distinguished Engineer at Cisco.

Nick Kelly, Consulting Systems Engineer, Cisco Systems

Nick Kelly brings over 15 years of security expertise to the Cisco team. He works with all verticals to help organizations understand the business impact of the ever-changing threat landscape. Nick serves on the tech committee for BSides, and enjoys sharing his expertise in Infosec with customers and partners throughout his travels.


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