Recorded Webinar: Unlocking the Collaboration Toolbox


Is your organization truly collaborative? Are you deploying the full range of powerful and intuitive new technologies that enable true teamwork… or do you just use Outlook and a conference line? Have you developed a culture of collaboration… or do you just have a weekly staff meeting?

The world has changed. And so have workers. Today’s professionals come to the office expecting to contribute to a team. And to succeed, you need groups of diverse employees and partners to work seamlessly together to solve problems and achieve common outcomes, even when those professionals are in different places and time zones.

Learn how to change your organization for the better, and gain a powerful advantage over your competitors, through the power of collaborative technology.

Senior NetCraftsmen David Hailey and William Bell offer guidance on how organizations can move their technology and their culture to support a genuinely collaborative approach to work.

In this free recorded webinar, you’ll learn:
  • What is truly meant by collaboration
  • How to achieve a collaborative culture, and why you should
  • The latest technology trends enabling collaboration, including mobile, social, visual, and virtual
  • How to get started

Don’t be left behind by competitors taking better advantage of the power of collaboration. Learn how to move your organization into the future. View the webinar now by filling out the form below. 


William Bell (CCIE #38914, Cisco Designated VIP), leader of NetCraftsmen’s Unified Communications engineering team, has expertise in an array of technical disciplines including application development, network infrastructure, protocol analysis, virtualization, and UC.

David Hailey (CCNP Voice, Cisco Designated VIP) is a senior unified communications engineer for NetCraftsmen with more than a decade of experience working with UC and Collaboration solutions.


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