Businesses benefit from automation through the reduction of human error, increased productivity, reduced operational costs, and increased competitive advantage. Automation will change the way virtual and cloud environments are managed and reduce the cost of IT operations.

From process automation and configuration management to a full lifecycle management solution for all the devices in your infrastructure, NetCraftsmen® has been designing and deploying automation solutions for years. We have developed a toolkit made up of solutions from various leading vendors which enables us to achieve measurable results very quickly.

NetCraftsmen understands how to apply automation for productivity with networks, the cloud, virtualization, and in the data center and believe a secure infrastructure is an automated infrastructure.  We provide our clients the ability to ensure configuration consistency and to apply security updates to maintain the security posture of the organization.

NetCraftsmen automation experts work with our clients to understand the pain points where automation will bring immediate benefit and apply the right tools to automate functions, resulting in real savings of IT budget and resource requirements, freeing IT up to tackle the biggest issues their business faces.

Recent projects

  • National Energy Company – NetCraftsmen developed a custom process automation system which reduced response time for business owners by more than 100%.
  • Regional Healthcare Organization – NetCraftsmen developed processes, scripts, and software code to enable the automated configuration of all network devices during the standup of the IT infrastructure for a new hospital building, reducing time to deploy by 40%.
  • National Financial Organization – NetCraftsmen developed processes and scripts to assist the organization with a colocation strategy and data center upgrade and migration. The organization was under regulatory review to upgrade its legacy data center environment (after a major outage) and NetCraftsmen assisted with the design and deployment of the new systems and drove the automation for moving tens of thousands of firewall rules from a legacy environment to one taking full advantage of the new architecture.  This resulted in an overall reduction in complexity and reduced the firewall rule base by 85%.

Automation solutions are available as discrete, consulting projects or through an ongoing, fixed-monthly-fee engagement with our Craftsmen Assurance® Managed Services solution.  Every NetCraftsmen engagement provides clients access to the entire NetCraftsmen team of best-in-class professionals. You’ll never get traded down.  We empower our team of experts to do what’s right, every time.

If you’d like to realize the benefits of automating your infrastructure, let NetCraftsmen bring our industry knowledge, expertise, and security focus to you.

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