We Understand Healthcare

Healthcare is rapidly changing. While the reason behind healthcare remains the same — healing people and keeping them healthy — the method of accomplishing this relies more and more on technology. New applications, equipment, and devices all depend on a fast, secure and stable IT infrastructure.

NetCraftsmen® understands the complex regulatory requirements specific to the healthcare industry and, through our continuous compliance and governance solutions, helps ensure your organization will meet those compliance standards now and in the future.

Our services are available as ongoing, fixed-fee engagements with our Craftsmen Assurance® Managed Services, as discrete consulting projects, outsourced IT services, or as a combination of the three. We take the time to identify and understand your specific needs, so we can customize a solution that’s just right for your organization.

NetCraftsmen has the healthcare-specific expertise and experience to help with solutions such as Security, Telehealth, Mobile Devices and Mobile Care, RFID tracking, EHR functions, Analytics, Virtualization, and Cloud migration. We will design your networks and data centers to support your current and future technology needs and ensure they are compliant.

Recent projects

  • The IT infrastructure build-out for the configuration and operation of telehealth services. Provided ongoing monitoring, remediation, and assessment of all associated underlying technology under a managed services contract.
  • The design and deployment of a secure IT infrastructure platform (network and collaboration) for a large, multi-location  hospital system from hardware procurement through post-implementation support.
  • The rapid deployment of a Network Management Solution to stabilize a large health system’s IT infrastructure and support the increase in telehealth and mobile solutions during COVID-19 pandemic response.

We understand that not all health systems are the same, so we leverage solutions tailored to fit your organization’s situation to maximize efficiency in productivity, meet compliance requirements, reduce redundancy, and address security requirements at all levels.

To learn more about our healthcare services, contact us.