Consulting PROJECTS

Rapidly changing technology, consumption models and technical debt can make it difficult to maintain a healthy and secure IT infrastructure that’s prepared to react to any event and able to support evolving business objectives.  Complicating this is the challenge of finding and retaining qualified IT staff. We know it is easy to get absorbed by every-day decision-making and reactive firefighting rather than focusing on proactive initiatives that ensure technology is properly maintained, secure, and contributes to your business outcomes.

NetCraftsmen® helps your organization’s IT infrastructure get healthy and stay healthy through consulting, solutions design, and ongoing management for a variety of technologies. Our services are available as ongoing, fixed-fee engagements or as one-time initiatives. Our solutions include:

With NetCraftsmen, you never get traded down. We ensure ongoing communications, new thinking, advice and partnership throughout our relationship.

Get Healthy. Stay Healthy. Rest Assured.TM

service overview

Our team of NetCraftsmen experts offers a broad array of services to identify and resolve current IT infrastructure challenges, reduce risk through a strong security focus, and proactively prepare you for the future. Leveraging proven methodologies, every engagement can be customized to fit your specific needs and can include:

  • Lifecycle Services – We determine your current IT infrastructure age and makeup, collect performance data, and provide an analysis of current system health. We provide regular health checks and recommendations for remediation and optimization.   We also provide ongoing configuration compliance & software compliance services, including comprehensive programs for critical maintenance and upgrades, tailored to your industry’s regulatory requirements.
  • Technology Initiatives – Using data collected in our discovery process, combined with the goals of your business, we develop recommendations for any necessary remediation and a roadmap of transformative technology initiatives. Our team of best-in-class engineers will execute on those projects to make sure your system gets healthy and stays healthy.
  • Enterprise Strategic Planning – Working with NetCraftsmen means your team will have a partner to help develop a technology strategy that delivers business results. Our Enterprise Strategic Planning services include development of a roadmap of transformative technology initiatives, Quarterly Business Reviews and forward-looking strategic recommendations.

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