Outsourced IT services

Rapidly changing technology, consumption models and technical debt can make it difficult to maintain a healthy and secure IT infrastructure that’s prepared to react to any event and able to robustly support evolving business objectives.  Complicating this is the challenge of finding and retaining qualified IT staff. We know it is easy to get absorbed by everyday decision making and reactive firefighting rather than focusing on proactive initiatives that ensure technology is properly maintained, secure, and contributes to your business outcomes.

NetCraftsmen® helps your organization’s IT infrastructure get healthy and stay healthy through consulting, solutions design, and ongoing management for a variety of technologies. Our services are available as ongoing, fixed-fee engagements or as one-time initiatives. Our solutions include:

With NetCraftsmen, you never get traded down. We ensure ongoing communications, new thinking, advice and partnership throughout our relationship.

Finding, hiring, and keeping quality IT staff can be a challenge, whether you’re filling a skill gap or have an increased staffing need caused by IT infrastructure or security implementations.  While adding a few contract workers can provide quick help, it doesn’t compare to embedding full-time professionals with deep technical expertise who are completely onboard and dedicated to your organization’s mission.

NetCraftsmen Outsourced IT Services stand apart because every expert we place has been trained and tested to our standards of craftsmanship. Our people possess a combination of capability, dependability, and loyalty that sets them above any temporary hire. They don’t supplement your team. They become part of your team. Every staffing engagement includes access to the entire NetCraftsmen team of best-in-class professionals. We empower our team of experts to do what’s right, every time.

Key Benefits

Outsourced IT Services team members are trained and sustained by NetCraftsmen.

  • Cost and Time Savings – No need to spend time, money, or energy on recruiting, interviewing, retention or training.
  • Access to a Robust Knowledge Base and Expert Team – NetCraftsmen experts are available to handle any IT infrastructure issue that your organization may encounter. We invest in the ongoing professional development and certification of our team members.
  • Flexibility and Adaptability – Our continued oversight means that staff member skills stay in sync with your needs.

Don’t settle for short-term staff or run-of-the-mill augmentation services that may lack the deep, differentiated skills you require. Meet technical needs with credentialed experts specifically trained for unmatched professionalism and leading edge ability, eager to contribute to your organizational goals. Get a true team member, get NetCraftsman on your team.

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