We Understand Energy

The dynamics of operating in the energy industry are unique and multi-faceted. Mergers and acquisitions have created challenges in standardizing technology against a constantly changing backdrop. This has resulted in divisions at differing stages of consolidation and IT modernization. Innovation and technology advances are also driving transformation, allowing energy organizations to upgrade outdated infrastructure.  Ensuring the capability and security of your IT backbone has never been more important.

These trends are visible in the form of smarter grids, greener and cleaner sources of energy, and more customer choices.  A proliferation of smart energy assets (including IoT) that could be targets of a cyberbreach are a major consideration.

Our energy clients rely on us to help them meet stringent audit requirements. NetCraftsmen® understands complex regulatory requirements specific to the energy industry and, through our continuous compliance and governance solutions, helps ensure you meet compliance standards now and in the future.

NetCraftsmen has extensive experience successfully delivering results to national and international organizations in the energy industry.

Recent projects

  • The full rollout of hundreds of NERC CIP (North American Electric Reliability Corporation Critical Infrastructure Protection) compliant firewall devices while simultaneously consolidating onto a single-vendor platform.
  • Broad-scale automation via a platform that integrated with service management to reduce the time and cost of certificate renewals, firewall ACL management, and DNS/load balancer request processing.
  • Effective leverage of public cloud IaaS technology across the IT deployment continuum (development through production), including policy management and secure cloud network connectivity.

Our services are available as ongoing, fixed-fee engagements with our Craftsmen Assurance® Managed Services, as discrete consulting projects, outsourced IT services, or as a combination of the three.

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