Terry Slattery at Enterprise Connect 2014: Powering Enterprise Communications With SDNs


In this presentation at Enterprise Connect 2014, Terry Slattery, CCIE #1026, discusses powering enterprise communications with software-defined networks.

This workshop starts with a  review of the basics of SDN — how it works, what the relevant standards and protocols are, and where the vendors are in terms of delivering products for production networks. It then moves to a tutorial on how SDN technologies can integrate with communications to provide better network performance for your real-time applications. The workshop concludes with a discussion with some of the leading vendors that are actively working to integrate SDN and communications — as well as offering time for your questions. You’ll come away from this workshop ready to engage with your peers who are in charge of SDN at your enterprise, to craft a strategy for taking advantage of the benefits SDN offers for communications.

To download the presentation, click here.

To download the audio of the presentation, click here.




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