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Peter Welcher
Architect, Operations Technical Advisor

There’s a lot of good stuff happening in the various tech areas I’m tracking.

Among others, thank you, GestaltIT/TechFieldDay for all the great presentations. I’ve got quite a backlog of those to fully digest!

This is a “catch-up” blog intended to share some interesting links in the area of (Network) Automation. Yes, some may not be directly relevant to #DayJob, but … awareness?

Automation Links

Network Automation Forum (NAF) and Autocon 0: They’ve got Day 1 YouTube video recording links up as I write this. Day 2 is coming soon (so probably posted well before you ever see this!):

Russ White has been posting Hedge talks re network automation with Terry Slattery:

  • Joel King posted the following LinkedIn comment I agree with: For most, the problem is people and process. The technology is a relatively easy problem in comparison.”
  • I’d add budget to that. Automation needs to move from skunkworks or OnTheJob hobby to officially authorized and supported time and budget.

Aligning with the previous items, there’s a good Kentik blog “What’s Stopping the Adoption of Network Automation?”:  Note also:

Blog post by #JulioPDX (member of FoDW, Friends of Dan Wade <grin>) on some network automation CI pipeline coding he has shared:

Link from ( points to Github (GitOps) proof of concept tools for automated actions:

Gluware is pushing their strength: canned automation vs. DIY, which I have to agree is likely one good way to go for small-medium organizations that can’t really afford to code and maintain.

WebAssembly: I read that some consider this as potentially interesting for developers, not really a Kubernetes alternative. Think secure binary compilation for a native speed execution of stack-based VMs, that can run on many platforms, including 4 major browser engines. I understand this as a different foundational approach web developers might use. I mentally categorize this as “keep on radar but not yet directly relevant to networking”.

Also not directly networking, but interesting. Possible second wave of DevOps. Programmability and Automation Meetup Group, hosted by WWT. Past sessions can be found at

In particular, see the 11/29/2023 talk, “It’s Time to Rebuild DevOps” by the open-source firm System Initiative. The presenters are focused on AWS automation for now, but what they have to say seems also relevant to networking. Quick summary is like a two-way workflow, rather than line SSOT to testing to deploying.

BlueAlly/NetCraftsmen is partnered with NetBox, providing NetBox services. Some links for those interested in NSOT and learning more (and possibly DIY):

Cisco DevNet Newsletter signup:

Free (for the price of registering): AWS Ebook “GitOps and Everything as Code”. Pro: free, GitOps. Con: AWS buildout centric.

In the category of “being aware of where developers might be headed and why” … Blog: Why You Might Want to Move Your Workloads Out of the Cloud:

Cisco Metrics Search Engine: search for Telemetry, Instrumentation, and Metrics of Cisco products: YANG models, SNMP MIBs, API files, CLI files for 180+ Cisco product categories:

A good reminder of SuzieQ for gathering info, etc.:

Related interesting blog:

Post re webhooks and their use for GitOps and Event-Driven Automation:


There’s lots of good things happening, so many it can be a challenge keeping up. I hope the above material helps!

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