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With the declaration of the coronavirus pandemic as a national emergency, healthcare organizations have struggled to find solutions that use novel ways to test and/or treat more patients and thus control the spread of the virus.

Every hospital in the country is building triage centers, usually in tents outside their main ER doors to sort patients.  Many are developing drive-thru testing centers and a number are responding to the National Coronavirus Task Force to supply testing centers at retail parking centers where no hospital infrastructure exists.

NetCraftsmen was challenged with delivering business continuity for this large healthcare provider centered around mobile networks.


Deliver solutions driven by the need to:

  • Enable Electronic Medical Record and diagnostics systems and communications to work from anywhere.
  • Build these systems with available components.
  • Design a solution that scales across any environment and that can be operational within minutes of deployment.

However, configuration standards and best practices needed to duplicate the hospital’s current infrastructure as much as possible.  Also, we ensured that measuring and monitoring of the solution was in place.


A design was recommended with a singular configuration that could be quickly deployed and replicated. Due to supply chain issues resulting in delivery constraints (caused by the very virus we were responding to), the solution focused on readily available hardware and technology.

Mobility played a key role in the design as the network solution took shape.

With the mobile network solution, NetCraftsmen was available to complete all requirements necessary and began delivery within a two-week timeframe from initial discussion to implementation.

Once NetCraftsmen gathered all of the equipment for the mobile healthcare solution, a team of engineers worked through a weekend to assemble and configure a solution that could work from anywhere and turned it up with the hospital the following day.


Twenty-seven mobile Covid-19 testing sites are now operational within the states where the healthcare provider offers care. These testing sites are fully operational and are assisting in managing the spread of the pandemic.

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