BlueAlly & NetCraftsmen – An Exciting New Chapter

John Cavanaugh
Vice President, Chief Technology Officer

As NetCraftsmen’s CTO, I am constantly being asked questions such as:

  • What happens to NetCraftsmen now that it has been acquired?
  • What is BlueAlly?
  • What capabilities do they add?
  • Where are we going?

To be clear, BlueAlly purchased NetCraftsmen in March of 2022, and we are now a part of the larger company. This blog explains what it means to NetCraftsmen’s clients and followers.

There is a concept in the field of Psychology called Gestalt that applies. The literal meaning is that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Thus, BlueAlly and NetCraftsmen combine for significantly more robust offerings.

NetCraftsmen architects and engineers have landed some of the most difficult high-end network and cybersecurity projects.  To get there involved taking an end-to-end/architectural view of customer requirements.

We designed networks, campuses, and data centers and optimized Internet and cloud connectivity.  But we didn’t do everything.  We didn’t do storage, storage networks, compute, or cloud systems design (past the transit VPCs).  We outsourced our NOC and SOC work and partnered with other firms for operational support.

So, as BlueAlly, what do we collectively bring to the table?

With BlueAlly acquiring us (and several other firms), we have added VAR relationships with additional vendors, sales, and support staff nationwide.  BlueAlly also brings Microsoft, Azure, and AWS expertise to supplement NetCraftsmen’s physical infrastructure experience.

In addition, BlueAlly also has our own US-based NOC and SOC organization, along with logistical facilities to stage equipment for client projects.

We, as BlueAlly, now have teams with significant application migration experience and can address client projects on appropriate application and hosting solutions.  These can be anything from traditional on-premises data centers and the use of collocation facilities to hybrid and even cloud-native designs. And yes – this means we now have application development resources as well.

Finding a guide

BlueAlly has built a company that has become a guiding force in IT for organizations across the country, from the federal government to businesses of all sizes and educational institutions. BlueAlly now offers strong vendor relationships, managed services, and professional services from a single source.

BlueAlly can amplify the impact of technology across your enterprise with world-class expertise that delivers business outcomes that meet and exceed expectations. As a trusted guide, we can identify opportunities and deliver technology solutions that give you a decisive advantage.

While a part of me is very nostalgic for the NetCraftsmen brand, built over the last 22 years, I’m excited to be part of a larger picture and, as a result, can apply our experience on a much larger playing field.

Before combining forces with BlueAlly, we could not participate in some large RFPs because we had to bring in a partner ecosystem that did not resonate with larger clients. We won technical RFPs but then lost business due to our size.

Today, with over 200 delivery engineers, a NOC and SOC with their own staff, and growing annual sales of hundreds of millions of dollars, our size will give us access to many more opportunities.

I loved being part of NetCraftsmen, but it’s now time to turn the page to an exciting new phase of the business where we, as a part of BlueAlly, can bring many more solutions to our clients.

Next Steps

Selecting the right partner to help you navigate your infrastructure, cloud, and application migration choices is necessary for your firm’s future. To learn more about how we can be that partner, contact us to discuss the assessments we can perform to address your concerns and start improving your IT systems.