C-MUG Talk on Software Defined Networking

Terry Slattery
Principal Architect

I am researching various aspects of Software Defined Networking in preparation for my C-MUG talk in January. I’m finding it a really interesting topic. There are all sorts of wonderful things written in many of the SDN articles on the web. But occasionally, I find one that seems to be more realistically written. The blogs by Martin Casado at networkheresy.com are particularly informative. I’ll be including some of Martin’s thoughts in my overview of SDN.

To provide a more balanced perspective, I’ve invited Bill Koss of Plixxi to co-present at this event. Bill has been on PacketPushers podcasts with Jeff Doyle, on the topic of “SDN’s Potential as a Displacement Technology.” Bill will bring the perspective of someone who has been working in the SDN space for much longer than I have.

Join us in January for an interesting session as we explore the future possibilities of Software Defined Networking.


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