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Terry Slattery
Principal Architect

Well, I’m now recertified; having passed the written (350-001) this morning.  My challenge, like many of the long-term CCIEs, is that my job is far removed from daily operations, which is what the CCIE test measures. I had not kept up with several of the newer technologies, so I had a fair amount of studying to do.  To prepare, I used TestiT, a written testing system created by NetMasterClass (

Their written test questions focused me on the areas of technology that I needed to study.  I didn’t take the approach of studying to the test – I took the approach of learning the technology that was covered by the questions.  When I encountered a question that I answered incorrectly, I read their solution summmary and used their reference links to read up on the technology.  That approach obviously worked, since I passed the recertification written test today.

I highly recommend NetMasterClass’s written testing tools to help you focus on the technology you need to know.  They are great folks and have been teaching CCIE prep classes for many years, going back to the days when Chesapeake was a Cisco training partner.



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