Cisco CSC Designated VIP Program Launched

William Bell
Vice President, Solutions and Products

The Cisco Support Community, or NetPro as I know it, was established back in 2000. Over the past 10 years the community has grown to have over 505,000 members. These members span the globe and participate daily with a myriad of questions and experiences.  The level of expertise in the forum is quite high. Personally, I find that NetPro stands head and shoulders above other, similar technical forums. Further, it is the second resource I go to when I have an issue in the Cisco realm of technologies — right after I fulfill my obligation to RTFM!

The Designated VIP Program was launched by Cisco to recognize members who contribute to the community. The best way to find out about the CSC VIP Designation is to read a short FAQ that Cisco has compiled about the program.

This program launch has a special meaning for 3 folks in the NetCraftsmen family. Rick Burts, David Hailey, and myself were all selected to be part of the first group of CSC Designated VIPs. This is a pretty cool honor. There were only 26 people selected across all CSC and CLN communities and 3 of those people are NetCraftsmen. Hailey and I received honors in two categories. Rick, always trying one-up his colleagues, received honors in three categories.

For those keeping track, Hailey and I have been trying to catch Rick for more than a year (that is a joke of course, just look at Rick’s points!). We made some decent progress, but Rick doesn’t really appear to be slowing down. Next year, we may need to resort to alternative methods! We are both quite a bit larger than Rick, so maybe we can use that to our advantage. That’s right Mr. Burts, you better watch your back!

Anyway, I wanted to hang a sign in my little corner of cyberspace to congratulate Rick, Hailey, and the rest of the 26 members of the CSC VIP Program. Oh, and I am sure I can speak for my team and extend our gratitude to Dan Bruhn and his support team for all of the work they do in the community. These guys do an outstanding job.

The role call for the first group to receive CSC VIP Designation.

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