The Cisco Mid-Atlantic User Group Is Relaunching!

William Bell
Vice President, Solutions and Products

Cisco Collaboration Edge Architecture is changing the face of remote work by making it easier for teleworkers to interact across distances. On February 18 at 8:30 a.m., NetCraftsmen is sponsoring a Cisco Mid-Atlantic User Group (C-MUG) event to give potential users an inside look at how the architecture functions and what companies stand to benefit.

What’s on the agenda?

Hao Tran, a senior Unified Communications engineer, and I will discuss how Collaboration Edge Architecture can be used to extend the benefits of in-office collaboration to a mobile workforce. We will focus primarily on Mobile and Remote Access (MRA) functionality, and how MRA can be used to provide VPN-less voice, video, IM, and presence solutions to teleworkers.

In addition, Cisco System’s Jeff Chun will provide an overview of Cisco Jabber Guest, another collaboration tool that facilitates one-time or frequent interactions with remote experts, customers, partners, and suppliers. Jeff will share use cases that demonstrate how the technology works across various industries and business scenarios.

Who can attend?

The free event marks a re-launch of C-MUG, which is part of the Cisco Learning Network. C-MUG brings together network engineers, chief technology officers and directors, and other professionals in the greater Washington-Baltimore area.

How can I register?

Meetings take place at the Loyola University Columbia Graduate Center at 8890 McGaw Rd., Columbia, MD 21045. To register and for more details, visit the C-MUG section of our website.

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