Cisco User Group Meeting, Des Moines, IA

Terry Slattery
Principal Architect

Today I am speaking at the Cisco User Group meeting in Des Moines, Iowa. The topic that resonates with Cisco user groups is Networking Tips & Best Practices. A previous recorded version of this presentation can be found at Network Tips & Best Practices on our webinars page.

The tech tips come from my consulting experience and the types of things that I’ve found, and continue to find, in networks. Of course, NetMRI’s analysis identifies exceptions to these tech tips and best practices.
The audience today consisted of a couple of guys who are current customers (Hi, Dave and Jason!) and they had great things to say about NetMRI. Dave even said that it made network management fun! I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say that managing their network was fun. His explanation was that it removed a lot of the drudgery from running the network. It is something that I’ve believed because I’ve lived it and now someone else has substantiated it.

I’ve written about the importance of good network management for the staff and for the business in a whitepaper titled Demonstrating the ROI for Management Systems, which is found in our Whitepapers page. There is also an article in The Network Monitor, Volume 6, No 3, on The ROI of NetMRI, as well as another whitepaper titled The ROI of NetMRI, available on our whitepapers page.



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