Do You Need to Meet PCI Requirements?

Terry Slattery
Principal Architect

Today, I was talking to one of Netcordia’s university customers in the state of Texas. They have over 40 merchants and store fronts on campus allowing students and others to pay by credit card. And they’ve started to get audited at least once per year for PCI DSS compliance, as they have obligation to the credit card companies to protect end user data.

They have started to use NetMRI for detecting configuration changes, monitor and manage policies, and make proactive changes.

The PCI Whitepaper has helped them see line-by-line what they need to do to meet PCI related issues on the network. But they are also interested in learning from our other customers on how they’ve tackled the PCI issue.

Do you have PCI requirements? If so, what have you done so far? What challenges are you facing? Any words of advice? We’d love to know and learn from you.



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