Getting Ready for Networking Field Day 6 (NFD6)

Carole Warner Reece

I was happy to accept an invitation from Tom and Stephen at Gestalt It to participate at the upcoming Network Field Day 6 (NFD6) on Sept 11-13. I have previously followed some of the live streaming videos as well as blogs from some of the technical delegates.

I am now looking forward to learning about new technologies and products first hand, getting some specific questions answered directly by the vendor presenters, and learning from the other participants.

In preparation for NFD6, I’ve started researching NFD6’s sponsors:

If you follow the Tech Field Day series, you may notice that this time around, that there are some new-to-NFD and smaller vendors are participating. (That is part of the reason I am researching the sponsors!) If you have specific questions as well, you can either post them as a comment for me, or better yet you can follow the presentations as well. Live streaming video will be provided at during the event – I understand that you can even submit questions for the presenters!

I am also quite interested in the Software Defined Data Center Symposium on Sept 10. I’ve been taking to Terry Slattery about SDN for the last couple of months, and I am quite interested in what the SDDC sessions will cover. The SDDC sponsors include:

Please check back for my views on the sessions!

— cwr

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