Google Trendalyzer

Terry Slattery
Principal Architect

I’m always on the look out for new technology and Google’s Trendalyzer is a good example. Google recently acquired the technology from the original authors at Gapminder ( The concept is pretty cool – show trends in large data sets that would otherwise be difficult to visualize. A good example of it in use is shown in a talk by Hans Roslings at TED 2006 (Technology, Entertainment, Design) on world health and how the health of people who live in different countries varies over time and with other factors such as family size and average financial income. The presentation and data itself is pretty interesting. What is interesting is how he uses Trendalyzer to show the trends of several variables over time. I find his presentation absolutely incredible.

I’m interested in what you think would be useful data sets to visualize using Trendalyzer, so leave a comment with your suggestion. We’ll see if we can make use of Trendalyzer to provide insights into complex network data.



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