Heading for ONUG 2014

Peter Welcher
Architect, Operations Technical Advisor

On Sunday afternoon 5/4/2014 I’ll be heading to New York City. I’ll be joining some of the Tech Field Day bloggers extraordinaire on Monday and Tuesday 5/5-6/2014, for Tech Field Day at ONUG 2014 (Open Networking User Group, NYC, 2014).

The Tech Field Day group will be attending all but the customer-only sessions. During those times, we’ll be having discussion sessions with HP Networking, Glue Networks, and Nuage Networks. I’m told the sessions will be recorded but not live-streamed. I wouldn’t be surprised if edited versions get posted after the event.

I’m quite looking forward to this. I’ve certainly consumed my share of Cisco ACI Kool Aid and DFA Punch. But I’m trying to keep an open mind about other forms of SDN, and listening to SDN customer perspectives and vendor points of view outside my comfort zone is important to me. On your (and my) behalf I’ll try to ask some good questions. I’m also looking forward to this because I like to travel (within reason), although I now seem to be over-compensating for a travel drought.

You can expect the usual burst of Tweet and Blog activity that goes with such events, not only from me but from the other delegates.

Looking further forward, on Saturday 5/17/2014 I’ll be heading off to Cisco Live, to co-present a four hour Nexus 7K Lab Session with Barry Gursky of FireFlyEducate. And then attending sessions and quizzing vendors at their booths. For those who also be attending, I hope to see you there!

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