IPv6 Addressing Plans

Peter Welcher
Architect, Operations Technical Advisor

I am posting the PDF of a presentation I prepared for the Business IPv6 Exchange on Tuesday 1/26/2010. The contents represent my thoughts together with what I found after conducting light research (“Google”) about the topic — to see if anyone had anything to say on the subject that fell outside what I knew or considered relevant.

Click here pdf button to view the PDF (544 KB).

I am experimenting with a fairly high-quality freeware tool called Wink, to add audio to the PowerPoint slides. So if you want to view the Adobe (Macromedia) SWF file with audio, click here

My thanks to Scott Hogg for the RMv6TF IPv6 Summit in 2009. And Jeff Doyle for his two solid talks. I highly recommend you consider attending the 2010 Summit. See http://www.rmv6tf.org/IPv6Summit.htm for details. We’re seeing increased interest in commercial use of IPv6.

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