Is Your Network Cloud Ready?

Peter Welcher
Architect, Operations Technical Advisor

Is your network cloud ready? We at NetCraftsmen, a Cisco Gold Partner, are hearing this question more often.

In a blog just posted on Cisco’s site, we discuss why the cloud is important for your business, and then how to prepare your business for increasing use of private, public, and hybrid cloud. You’ll learn how to tell if your network is cloud ready, and how to get there if you’re not. Even if your organization already has a public cloud presence, you’ll find some ideas in this blog.

Click here to read the full blog posted on Cisco’s blog site.

It’s time to start getting your network, your security practices, your staff, and your organization Cloud Ready. Business reasons to use the cloud abound. You may not put your “crown jewels” in the cloud, but do take a look at how to leverage the cloud to reduce costs, speed development and deployment time, and offer better services to your staff and your customers.

Do reach out to Cisco or NetCraftsmen for a conversation about how you and your network can become Cloud Ready.

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