Morgan Stanley CTO Summit

Terry Slattery
Principal Architect

We were invited to speak at the annual Morgan Stanley CTO Summit that was held this week in San Mateo, CA. This summit is where Morgan Stanley hears what promising technology companies have to offer and to decide if those technologies would be beneficial to their operation. Just getting invited to present is a tremendous acknowledgment of what we provide. These guys really have their act together.

In my travels in networking, I’ve only encountered a few organizations that really understand network management. And I don’t mean network monitoring. I mean the ability to know what’s happening in their network, knowing what assets are deployed and their locations, the ability to adapt to changing business requirements, and how well the network supports the business. Morgan Stanley is one of these organizations. Not surprisingly, one of the others is also a financial firm.

As I’ve talked with the network staff at these firms, they have traditionally said:

We have all that covered, but you’re on the right track. What you’re doing is exactly what’s needed.

More recently though, these same firms have started to pay more attention. We’re now providing functionality that they don’t have. Some of them have limited staff to maintain the internal tools that they’ve developed. The end result is that they are seriously considering NetMRI so that their staff can spend more time working on improving the network and keeping it aligned with the business’ needs. I expect that many of these firms will start using NetMRI in the coming year.



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