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Peter Welcher
Architect, Operations Technical Advisor

NetCraftsmen, a BlueAlly company has had staff members doing forms of network (and security) automation for several years. Part of the commitment to network-related automation is to better publicize some of the work the NetCraftsmen team has been doing and give back to the network automation community. Of course! Seeing that there is also a growing public community of shared code, ideas, training, etc., it seems appropriate to make sure NetCraftsmen coding and learning resources are readily accessible.

This blog provides links to the NetCraftsmen shareable materials I know about (as of 8/16/2023).


Several webinars/meetups can be found online, co-hosted by Joel King.

Danny Wade

Danny has written about his experiences with various Cisco automation certs, etc. He can be found on Twitter/X as @devnetdan.

Danny’s YouTube channel: See especially the live stream recorded videos at There are a lot of videos, so I’m not going to try to include individual links here.

Danny’s blog site:

Danny’s blogs (titles and descriptions): Here’s the current list of Danny’s blog dates and titles with direct links to them:

Danny’s GitHub site: Popular repositories there:

(Plus, others: 15 total)

Joel King

LinkedIn: Joel W. King (@programmablenetworks)

Pete Welcher

I did some modest ELK stack exploration (and some other small explorations) a while back that I’ve got up on GitHub: I wrote it up in the hope it would help others get started (albeit at a pretty basic level). Note that when I did it, the virtual Nexus image did not send telemetry, which I’d hoped to graph.

I’ve done a bunch of other scripting (Python, PERL, etc.) but its either rapidly hacked together or stuff I don’t want to post for <reasons>.

Here’s one way to see my prior blogs regarding automation:

Terry Slattery


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