NetMRI Now Does Real-Time Analysis

Terry Slattery
Principal Architect

Netcordia announced ( today that NetMRI’s analysis will now include the capability to perform analysis in real-time. A number of customers had asked that NetMRI be able to detect when a problem was corrected and reflect that in the issue list and this capability addresses that request. When data that NetMIR collects indicates that a problem exists or has been corrected, the issue list will be updated to add or remove the item. In addition, we are adding the ability to trigger our innovative Getflow technology to configure netflow data collection on Cisco router interfaces that are running at high utilization so that you can see which systems are using the link and the specific protocol/port numbers that are being used.

Another source of real-time data is from the events that NetMRI receives from Splunk’s log file analysis. In the past, I’ve found log data to be moderately useful, mainly because of the volume of log messages that can be generated by any reasonable size network. Since syslog and SNMP traps are nearly real-time, this will drive another component of the real-time analysis that is being incorporated into NetMRI.



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