Network Virtualization in the Data Center

Peter Welcher
Architect, Operations Technical Advisor

I presented a CMUG session on Network Virtualization in the Data Center today. Thanks to all those who turned out!  The presentation consisted of a mix of my “whiteboard” sketches and Cisco slides (used with permission). I tried to put things together to tell a story of what various virtual data center components can do and why we might want to use them. The talk then changed themes to what things look like when we use them together. Along the way I asked some questions of the audience and presented some thoughts that I’d like to think are a bit novel, about design and operational challenges and how we might best deploy this technology.

What does the next generation data center look like? Do we try to group VMware hosts using 1000v and scope where vMotion carries VM’s? How do we manage the virtual to physical mapping? Do we build mini-private-datacenters (per-project firewall, server load balancer, VM’s) and do they move as a unit? Scale up or out with virtual network devices? How do things have to change culturally and in how finances are handle so as to achieve faster deployment?

Technologies discussed include: VMware, Cisco 1000v, Cisco ASA 1000v, Cisco VSG, Cisco vWAAS, vNAM, and CSR 1000v. Off-stage mention goes to NetScaler server load balancer / ADC in VM form. VXLAN to some extent plays the black hat role (is it convenient or is it the evil villain of this story?).

The official abstract was:

This month, Dr. Pete Welcher, Principal Consultant as well as CCIE #1773 and CCSI #94014, will discuss the latest developments in network virtualization. Dr. Pete will talk about the latest capabilities of the Cisco 1000v virtual switch, virtual security appliances such as ASA 1000v, and virtual services router (CSR). Dr. Pete will focus on design implications for enterprise datacenter, multi-tenant, multi-zone automated datacenters, and datacenter or application mobility. Dr. Pete will also explain service chaining with vPath 2.0.

To cut to the chase, for those looking for a PDF of the presentation, it can be found here.

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