See You at Cisco Live 2015!

Peter Welcher
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See you at Cisco Live 2015! I’m planning to be there, catching up with folks I haven’t seen in a while. And NetCraftsmen is sending about one third of the company’s staff to the event.

We make a substantial commitment to attending Cisco Live (#CLUS) every year.

Why? Because it’s a great venue for keeping up with key Cisco people, customers, partners — and above all, for enhancing skills. The energy and sense of community we experience also recharges our technical batteries, while providing a refreshing change of pace.

I personally hope to build my knowledge in a couple of tech areas, and find some time to hang out with the #CiscoChampion blogger community. And I hope to encounter several dozen people I haven’t seen or talked to in a while.

I’ll be in a Techtorial all day Sunday (Datacenter Interconnect). I’ve been seeing a bit of Datacenter Interconnect and related topics lately, and I think I’m pretty solid on it, but I want to make sure of that. I’ve got a couple of pent-up blogs on related topics based on some recent and not-so-recent work as well. So watch this space!

For a change, after presenting at close to 12 Cisco Powered Networks, then Cisco Live sessions, I will not be presenting — so I’ll be free to attend a few more sessions or socialize a bit more.

Look for at least four of our Cisco Community VIPs and Cisco Champions to be present.

Topics and areas of innovation to look for:

  • IWAN and Unified Access for infrastructure
  • Security and more AMP / FirePower integration for the security team
  • ACI and Nexus 9K for the datacenter
  • Collaboration and more video for the Unified Communications folks
  • Cloud and Intercloud
  • SDN, API, and the DevOps side of networking

And that’s just scratching the surface of the many talks and tech topics that will be presented!


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Comments are welcome, both in agreement or informative disagreement with the above. Thanks in advance!

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