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Terry Slattery
Principal Architect

We have an on-going program of writing a description of various network technical tips and posting them on our web site as well as making them available to various publications. These tech tips encompass topics like Root Bridge Selection, 95th Percentile Calculation, and Duplex Mismatch. The number of each tech tip is out of a long list of tech tips we’ve identified regarding network best practices and technology. We periodically pick a topic from the list, thus the seemingly random numbering.

Network people have a lot of different tools, so we provide a general description of the topic, then describe both a manual process and the NetMRI process for implementing the tech tip’s recommendations. There’s enough information in each tech tip that you should be able to use whatever tools you have available to implement automatic analysis. Of course, we’d really appreciate it if you would use NetMRI with its built-in analysis to automate the analysis.

That’s the real value of what we’re doing at Netcordia – Audit, Automate, and Analyze.

  • Audit identifies what’s on the network.
  • Automate the audit and data collection.
  • Analyze the collected data using rules derived from network best practices and lists of common problems.

It’s the automated audit (network discovery) and analysis that allows network engineers to make big improvements in their efficiency and in the uptime and performance of their networks.



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