Terry Slattery Speaking at Enterprise Connect Orlando on Feb 28 and Mar 2, 2011

Carole Warner Reece

Terry Slattery, one of our Principal Consultants, is a speaker at two sessions at Enterprise Connect Orlando 2011!

On Monday Feb 28, his 2:00 pm breakout session titled “Network Test Tools for Voice and Video” will cover the following key questions:

  • Why are new tools required to support voice and video conferencing?
  • Why can’t I use the tools that have been serving me well for years?
  • What features are required in these tools for managing and monitoring real-time networks?
  • Who are the vendors and what types of tools to they offer?
  • Do I need different tools for debugging than I do for operational monitoring of the network?

On Wednesday, March 2, Terry is a panel member for a three-hour workshop at 2:30 m where he will discuss approaches to voice and video security, with tips on how to stay out of trouble.This workshop is titled “QoS & Network Design for Converged Networks“, and will cover the following key questions:

  • What is required to deliver adequate quality of service (QOS) for voice and video on local and wide-area IP networks that previously handled only data?
  • What services do I need from my WAN vendor to support voice and video? What is an appropriate Service Level Agreement (SLA)?
  • Can you run VOIP or video over the Internet with acceptable QOS/quality of experience (QOE)?
  • How do I classify traffic in the network to ensure voice and video are treated correctly without opening my network up to overutilization by unauthorized endpoints?
  • How do you extend your upgrade to serve mobile workers?
  • What tools are needed for testing and monitoring a converged network with voice and video?
  • I have lots of bandwidth and low utilization, do I really need QoS?

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