The Top 25 Network Problems and Their Business Impact

Terry Slattery
Principal Architect

We’ve created a neat poster outlining the most common network problems that we encounter in today’s networks.  Now, a list of 25 network problems wouldn’t be very interesting all by themselves, so we’ve added a description of the typical business impact of each problem (see screenshots below).  People who look at it tend to look through the problems and find the one that bit them most recently (“Hey! We had that problem last month!“)

With both the problem and business impact, the poster becomes a valuable tool for communicating between network people and managers or applications people.  And, of course, NetMRI identifies these problems; therefore, it provides visibility into things that impact business operations, and ultimately, the ability for the business to make money.

We had the poster on display at Interop and it was so popular that we gave out all the copies we had available.  At Networkers this year (2008) Chesapeake NetCraftsmen, a partner of ours, will have it with their name/logo, so look for them at booth 249.

Eric Krapf, co-organizer of VoiceCon and chief blogger at the web site, wrote in his blog about the problems described in the poster after discussing it with me.  Brad Reese, who does a blog for The Cisco Subnet, did a blog on it (, along with a list of all the problems.  He asks an important question: “What do YOU think is a top network problem?

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