The Upcoming Cisco “UCS Grand Slam” Event

Peter Welcher
Architect, Operations Technical Advisor

In case you hadn’t noticed yet, Cisco plans a big UCS related announcement for September 4 in New York City. They’re calling it the “UCS Grand Slam”.

I and several other intrepid Tech Field Day affiliated folks plan to be present. There’s a #TFD page for the event, at We’ll be blogging and tweeting during the event, and doing a video roundtable afterwards, with our reactions to what we heard. For those who will be busy, I’m sure the video roundtable will be posted on the Tech Field Day event page. The list of TFD delegates can be found by following the prior link.

A Cisco blog about the event is at

Registration with Ciso to watch the event online:

I wish I could tell you more, but Cisco’s playing this one close to the vest. Stay tuned to find out if you agree that the Cisco Datacenter team really scored big!

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Disclosure Statement

The event sponsor for this Tech Field Day event is of course Cisco. They’ll be covering our travel costs to attend. Our time is not being reimbursed. And our opinions will remain our own!


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