Troubleshooting VoIP in Converged Networks

Terry Slattery
Principal Architect

I recently did a recording for Cisco of a presentation that I’ve done at VoiceCon about troubleshooting VoIP in converged networks.   This recording, along with links to the audio files referenced in it, is available from the Cisco Learning Network web site at:

The Cisco Learning Network home page is at:

The slides may not be very readable in the presentation and if that’s important to you, then go to the Netcordia/Resources/Webinars web page to download a PDF of the presentation:

In the presentation I step through a set of common problems with VoIP, from adding a VoIP phone to a network to the causes of poor voice quality. I identify the problems that are typically encountered and how to troubleshooting them. Symptoms, causes, and remediation steps are described. In this presentation, I takes you through:

  • The processes of:adding a VoIP phone to a network
  • The types of problems that are typically encountered and how to begin troubleshooting them
  • Symptoms, causes, and remediation steps for typical VoIP network problems

Because there is more time in the recording studio than I have as a member of a panel at VoiceCon, I was able to expand on some of the trougleshooting topics.  So even if you’ve attended my talk at VoiceCon, you may benefit by watching the Cisco Learning Network video recording.  It is less than 30 minutes in length.


ps –  Since I first wrote this blog, I’ve been invited to do a half-day tutorial at the 2009 VoiceCon, March 30, 2009, in Orlando, FL.   The title is VoIP Troubleshooting, Management, and Metrics, which will be a more in-depth coverage of troubleshooting as well as a discussion of how to tell when things are not going well in your VoIP system.  The metrics can occasionally point out problems that have just started to surface and have not yet begun to affect your customers.  If the above video is useful to you, then you may want to consider attending the tutorial at VoiceCon.


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