UC 8.5 Solutions Officially Released Today


This will be a short blog as it’s more a “retweet” if you will of information I believe is pertinent to all of our UC customers.  A subset of the UC 8.5 solutions was officially released today and can be ordered.  Partners and customers can now order Cisco Unified Communications Manager 8.5, Cisco Unified Communications Manager BE 8.5, Unity Connection 8.5 and Contact Center Express 8.5 today. 

One of the biggest features to come in the 8.5 release (IMO) is the addition of Unified Messaging capabilities to Unity Connection.  This officially makes CUC the lead Cisco messaging product and puts Unity 8.0 into maintenance mode. 

Look for more blogs and information on UC 8.5 to come from us in the future.  In the interim, if you have questions or interest in the UC 8.5 suite then let NetCraftsmen know about it!


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