UC Toolkit: Using Switch for Bulk Audio File Conversion Cisco UC

William Bell
Vice President, Solutions and Products


Switch Sound File Converter (Switch) is an audio file conversion utility from NCH Software. There is a free trial version of the software available. You can also purchase a full feature license. I found that I only need the free version for my menial tasks. They do have versions that run on Mac and Windows. I have both installed but I have had to rely on the Windows version for use with Cisco audio file formats. I can’t specify CCIT u-law format in the Mac trial version. On Windows I have used version 2.0(3) and on Mac I have used version 4.0(6).

This blog is based on the Windows version 2.0(3).

Using Switch to Bulk Convert Prompt Files

Switch is a handy tool that I use primarily for bulk conversions. The free version I have on Mac OS X is actually unable to convert to the format needed by UCCX. So, I have to use the free version on Windows (which I run in VMware Fusion). To convert a group of files, launch the Switch application. Click on the Add Files button in the toolbar and navigate to where you have your source files saved. Select the file(s) you want to add to the project (you can multi-select).

Figure 1. Selecting Files to Convert

Set the Output Folder to a separate folder on your system. In our example (above) we use “c:emppromptsconverted”. Next, set the Output format to “.wav” and click on Encoder Options. In the “Encoder Options” dialog, set the Format to “CCITT U-Law” and the Attributes to “8.000 kHz, 8 Bit, Mono”. Click on OK to save the encoder options.

Figure 2. Setting Encoder Options and File Format

Now click on the Convert command button.

Figure 3. Execute Conversion

Checking File Formats

As an aside, you can check files to ensure they are using the proper format for UCCX. In Windows Explorer you can right-click on the file and choose Properties. Then click on summary. See the figure below for two examples. The file on the right has the appropriate settings for UCCX. [NOTE: Get Info on OS X doesn’t show the same level of detail.]

Figure 4. File Property Comparison

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