Unified Communications TCP/UDP Port Usage and ACLs

Terry Slattery
Principal Architect

Have you ever looked at an access list and wondered what the port numbers correspond to, other than the obvious ones that are well-known or documented in /etc/services?  I’ve been working on ACLs for classification and marking of voice/video control traffic and David Hailey of NetCraftsmen pointed me to a Cisco document that has a nice list of protocols/ports used in the Cisco Unified Communications products.


There are versions for different versions of Cisco’s products.  Add “+6.0” or “+7.0” to specify the version you want.  For versions older than 6, you’ll need to change the search, replacing “communications” with “callmanager”, because the product name changed.  I found that the search string above worked pretty well without designating the version number.  It provided links to a number of different product versions.

Good luck with your ACLs!



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