Video and TCP Goodput talk at C-MUG Apr 2012

Carole Warner Reece

Coming up for the April 10, 2012 Cisco Mid-Atlantic User Group (C-MUG) session, Terry Slattery, CCIE #1026, will be presenting a discussion on how you can protect your business applications from video. He will be describing methods for preventing video from having a large negative impact on the other network applications.

In addition to the video discussion, Terry will be also be discussing TCP “goodput”. He will cover the thresholds that network management systems should use for packet loss thresholds in order to assure good TCP throughput (“TCP goodput”) and optimum application response.

Registration information and more details are available on the  C-MUG Apr 2012: Stop Video From Blowing Up Your Network with Terry Slattery page.

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