VoIP over 3G – Is There a Map for That?


Now, I’ve heard this “might” happen for quite some time in the rumor mill but apparently it has finally come to fruition.

Secondly, I found an article about the Acrobits Softphone client which is one of the two clients I reviewed.  It certainly didn’t take Acrobits long to jump all over this new development and add support for VoIP over 3G to their client.  Take a look at this link and make sure to peek at the graphic of the client interface (as I noted in my blog, very professional look and feel).

Acrobits Enables SIP VoIP Calling Over 3G

I can’t speak for WeePhone development here as I haven’t done much other than read these and a few other related articles.  In fact, I haven’t even accessed the App Store to see if the new Acrobits client update is available.  However, I’m sure that most (if not all) developers will be looking to add this feature to their respective clients soon. 

So, as far as the CUCM usage examples go – what does this mean for you?  Well, probably not much at this juncture.  Most well-designed UC infrastructure is well-protected from external client access (with the exception of mobility applications such as CUMA or MVS) so accessing your CUCM infrastructure from the 3G cloud is likely unsupported.  However, I can already envision some potential deployment options.  Of course, there’s still some imperfections such as losing registration when switching from a corporate WLAN over to the 3G network.  In other words, seamless roaming between networks would be a big plus.  But alas, I digress and considering that it’s pretty late (well early) in the day (technically, morning) I’m going to start wrapping this one up as my main intent was to share this news (which I think is very cool and well-timed) with you.

I will leave you with a final thought.  CUCM aside, what does this mean for you in general?  Well, it could potentially mean a lower mobile phone bill.  With a number of service provider options, low pricing plans, and iPhone clients that can be configured to work with essentially any service – is this possibly the next best thing since sliced bread?  You never know.

Alright folks, now I lay me down to sleep…



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