WebEx Meeting Center for iPhone – A “Must Have” Application


The good news for those viewing this blog is that I intend to keep this short and sweet.  The WebEx Meeting Center for iPhone is one of the first apps I downloaded when I got an iPhone.   So, is it “worth the money?” – you could say that for sure…especially since it’s free.  In fact, I use it all the time.  It’s a great application and has been a great productivity enhancer for me.  I have it setup with my CNC WebEx host account so I can see all my meetings and participate from my mobile phone whenever I need to from wherever I happen to be.  In fact, it has saved my backside on a number of occasions by allowing me to start a long commute home without missing a meeting but still being able to get home in time for other obligations.  Additionally, if you have clients with their own WebEx sites that you have a personal host account on then you add those as well…further increasing your productivity and visibility into what meetings you need to participate in on a given day.  On the road?  No problem.  Launch a meeting from your iPhone, see the presentation, participate in the audio…that’s what it’s for.  So, long story short – if you have an iPhone and you use WebEx, I consider this to be a must have application.  To address any questions you might have about the application and its capabilities, here is a link to the FAQ for this application.  It should pretty much cover all the bases:




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