CCIE Roadmaps, Topics, and Blueprints

Carole Warner Reece

I’ve been looking at ways that people prepare for the CCIE Routing and Switch lab. While reviewing the Cisco Learning Network (CLN) site, I noticed that there were actually two official blueprints of topics for version 4.0 of the lab on CLN – DOC-4375 “CCIE Routing and Switching Lab Exam Topics (Blueprint) v4.0” and DOC-6864 “CCIE Routing and Switching Lab Exam Checklist”.

Both documents appear to be useful. For example:

  • DOC-4375 is a more high level blueprint, includes 128 items, and maps exactly to the first 128 items on the R&S CCIE Written v4.0 blueprint. (DOC-4374 is the CCIE ® Routing and Switching Written Exam Topics (Blueprint) v4.0 blueprint, and includes one additional section on “Evaluate Proposed Changes to a Network”).
  • DOC-6864 is an expansion of many of the DOC-4375 topics, and according to CLN, is meant as a supplement to the existing blueprint. DOC-6864 has 308 topics.

I decided to combine the two blueprints/roadmaps/checklists to see how much overlap they had. I color coded all the information, sorted the topics into one big spreadsheet using DOC-4375 to determine order, pulled out the duplicates, and ended up with about 390 topics. (For example:


2.2. Implement IPv4 Open Shortest Path First (OSPF)
a Standard OSPF areas
b 2.2.06. Stub area
c 2.2.07. Totally stubby area
d 2.2.08. Not-so-stubby-area (NSSA)
2.2.09. NSSA and Stub Areas
e Totally NSSA

Numbering and topics from the DOC-4375 blueprint are shown in blue, numbering and expanded topics from the DOC-6864 checklist are shown in red. When a topic appears on both blueprints, it is typically shown in purple.)

The mapping was pretty easy, however I found that posting a really large table in a blog while preserving my formats turned out to be really hard.

— cwr


ps – I also posted a related blog on CCIE Lab Preparation and Soft Skills

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  1. Dear Carole,
    Good job but still one thing missing, the documentation CD study.
    It’s very important & has some technology shortcuts which are very useful in the lab exam.


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