Interview on Cisco Support Community

William Bell
Vice President, Solutions and Products

Recently I was interviewed for the Cisco Support Community, which is an online technical support forum for Cisco Systems. The content of that interview is available here. I wanted to thank Dan Bruhn and Litsa Pitsillidou for setting up the interview and for their (as well as their team’s) dedication  to making the Cisco Support Community so successful!

I’d also like to thank Litsa and Rhonda Raider (Raider Communications, Inc.) for conducting the interview. You’re tops in my book!


2 responses to “Interview on Cisco Support Community

  1. I was at one of your CMUG classes last year for CUCM. I wanted to test SRST on a gateway i am installing at another site. How would i go about setting up a mock vlan to test this along with a handful of phones. Thanks. Jim

  2. Jim,

    I am not sure I follow. If you are looking for ways to test SRST in production then what I typically do is build an ACL that blocks the appropriate voice control traffic to/from the UCM cluster. If your gateway is MGCP-based then you will need to block UDP 2427 and TCP 2428. If the gateway is H323, then no need to block anything there. If your phones are SIP then block TCP/UDP 5060 and 5061. If SCCP then block TCP 2000 (and/or 2443 if secure phones).

    Basically, you need to disrupt the communication channel to force the gateway (if mgcp) and phones to use their respective fail over mechanisms.


    -Bill (@ucguerrilla)

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