Inviting Recent R&S CCIEs and CCIE Candidates

Carole Warner Reece

Updated 02/22/2010: A big thank-you to all the folks that were gracious enough to speak with us! We are no longer collecting candidate names. We really appreciate the help of every one who participated!

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Inviting recent Routing and Switching (R&S) CCIEs and current R&S CCIE candidates!

Terry Slattery and I are planning to interview about 100 Routing and Switching CCIEs and CCIE candidates as part of a Cisco funded survey of CCIE preparation methods. In the next few weeks, we want to speak with folks who have either attempted or passed the CCIE R&S lab exam between April 1, 2010 and Dec 31, 2010.

During the interview process, we plan to analyze information about preparation methods and  learning materials, and get feedback on what tools or processes recent CCIEs and CCIE candidates think are most helpful in preparing for the CCIE lab exam. We will also look at data from the Cisco CCIE lab and the Cisco 360 Learning Program.

If you are willing to participate in our survey, please fill out the R&S CCIEs and CCIE Candidates Contact Form.

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  1. I have used the Cisco 360 for study to take my test in December of 2010. I did not pass, but I walked away with a lot of great experiences. There are however some areas where 360 needs some changes to stay "accurate"

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