Issues with Nexus 7009 Rack Mount Kit

Carole Warner Reece

I thought I would share – one of my customers really dislikes the standard rack mount kit that comes with the Nexus 7009 and only is attached to the front rails.

As he puts it “The one that comes with the 7009 chassis is worthless and bends with the weight of the chassis…”

I chatted with Cisco Partner support, other folks have made this same complaint about bending racks. I also asked, and the 7010 accessory kit ‘officially’ can work with the 7009 as well.
He is now planning to use the 7010 switch accessory kit, which has front and back attachment points. The 7010 is part number N7K-C7010-ACC-KIT and is about $100 list.

Your mileage may vary, you may consider ordering the Nexus 7010 kit N7K-C7010-ACC-KIT with future 7009 orders.


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  1. Yes Carole, I kept wondering what the designers were thinking when they decided to hang a 136kg load at one end by a 5mm metal blade riddled with bolt holes. In my experience, I use the base of the rack to support the weight and simply bolt the rack mount on to secure it.

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