Migrating to Cisco Unity Connection


The prelude (aka – technical article, aka – white paper) can be found here:

My CMUG presentation is here:

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  2. Good high level overview, on your link.
    Having moved about 700 mailboxes from Unity to Unity Connection recently (took 30 minutes to cut over and 1 month preparation)
    But did not address some of the items below:
    – having to deal with exchange 2003 servers
    – needing to create multiple user templates, based on time zone, exchange 2003 affiliation
    – the fact that not all Unity user settings are matched in UC
    – if doing LDAP integration, you need to make sure that LADP info matches with what the user has when imported from Unity
    – Needing to review call handlers
    – having a dedicated person to handle high touch customers
    – push of VMO to users

    Overall, not hard, but not as simple as some documents imply. There is a lot more than just “run Cobras”.

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