New Cisco Security Podcasts Available


The Cisco Security team had started a podcast series through iTunes in 2008.  They had 7 podcasts and then it died out.  The podcasts are still available, on iTunes.  Just search on Cisco and you’ll see the Cisco security podcasts as well as other Cisco podcasts.

It looks like they are starting up the podcasts again with podcasts from Cisco Security TAC engineers.  From what I’ve listened to, these have a nice overview of the features covered by the particular podcast along with real-life examples from the TAC engineers.  You can access the podcasts at the link below

The topics currently on the site are:

  • New Features Introduced with ASA Version 8.2
  • Using the Packet Capture Utility for Troubleshooting
  • Transparent Firewall Mode;  Lifecycle of a TAC Case
  • Troubleshooting Firewall Failover Part 1
  • Troubleshooting Firewall Failover Part 2

When you listen to the beginning of the podcasts, they provide the URL to all the Cisco Security podcast series.  These informational podcasts go back to 2007.  It is worthwhile to take a look and see what interests you.  These overview of all the podcasts is available at

2 responses to “New Cisco Security Podcasts Available

  1. Hi Rob,
    Just to let you and your blog readers know, we have 9 episodes now, including the following topics in addition to the ones you mentioned:

    * Tips for taking the CCIE Security Exam
    * Monitoring Firewall Performance
    * ASA Advanced Application Protocol Inspection
    * Multiple context mode on the ASA and FWSM Platforms

    We hope that you and your readers find this information useful!

    Jay Johnston
    Cisco TAC Security Podcast Team

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