Podcast: Is Engineering Talent Disappearing From the Enterprise?


Today, the big emphasis in IT seems to be on “software defining” everything: SD-WAN, SD access, intuitive networks, switches and routers that run containers and programming languages. Are network engineers going to be dinosaurs? Will we all have to learn programming to have a career? Will network design and implementation be outsourced — and onsite staff will simply manage that process?

Rapid changes in network complexity and dependence on technology will have huge implications for engineers as they plan their careers, as well as for businesses as they decide what staff and skills they need.

In this podcast, recorded at Cisco Live by The Network Collective, I discuss these topics with Mike Zsiga, Daniel Dib, Jeff Fry, and Jordan Martin. We explore the trends we’re seeing in the companies where we consult, and what we think the future holds.

Listen to the podcast.

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