SDN Tutorial at Enterprise Connect 2014

Terry Slattery
Principal Architect

I am doing a 3-hour workshop on SDN at Enterprise Connect 2014 in Orlando, Florida, March 19, 2014. The session is titled “Powering Enterprise Communications with Software-Defined Networks (SDNs).” There will be a tutorial on SDN, followed by examples of using SDNs in enterprise networks by three leading vendors, HP, Cisco, and NEC. Each company has quite a different perspective on SDN, so it should be an interesting and informative session.



2 responses to “SDN Tutorial at Enterprise Connect 2014

  1. Hey Terry,
    I am planning to develop a monitoring tool for SDN controller. I have searched online however did not get a similar product as a reference. Do you have any idea about such products.

  2. Ashwin,
    I am not aware of any SDN-specific monitoring products. Vendors of SDN controllers tend to include monitoring functions within their products. I see the need to have an external monitoring system that monitors more than just the SDN controller itself. We will need to wait until the SDN market matures some more before we start to see separate SDN monitoring systems.

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