ONUG: Open Networking User Group, Fall 2014

Peter Welcher
Architect, Operations Technical Advisor

I just received an email about ONUG Fall early registration\, which ends September 5 (9/5/2014). The incentive is 25% off the regular price. Heads up if you’re interested — time to get moving! By the way, the email mentioned the 25% discount. The page in the above URL is just a gateway page for you to log in or register and create a log in.  You can then register for the event.

The actual event is scheduled for October 28-29, 2014, in New York, at Credit Suisse, One Madison Avenue.

It seems like I was just blogging about attending the Spring ONUG with Tech Field Day. That’s a reminder that flies when you’re having fun — or working a lot. Or both (those occasional times when work is fun).

I see that Tech Field Day (TFD) is planning to be at ONUG Fall 2014, as Tech Field Day Extra at ONUG Fall 2014. Delegates unknown yet. The list of sponsors looks like many of the same players that were there this Spring.

The Fall ONUG will include multi-vendor demos of their top three use cases:

1. Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN)
2. Virtual Networks/Overlays
3. Network Services Virtualization

Six more use cases can be found at the Fall ONUG link (main page). They are:
4. Network State Collection, Correlation, and Analytics
5. Centralized Application Rules Management
6. Automated Dynamic Network Segmentation/Authentication
7. Traffic Monitoring/Visibility
8. Common Tools Across Net, Storage, Compute
9. Shared Policy Management Framework

As far as planned talks, see the Agenda page. Right now it is just a timeline, with no details, so I have no comments.

My Take on ONUG

There were some very good sessions at the Spring ONUG. I especially enjoyed the TFD vendor sessions. Links below.

It’s nice to hear practical discussion about open networking, focused more on what the requirements are, than on technical capabilities or vendor marketing. Some of the SDN world is very pie in the sky, anything goes. The reality is that we need priorities, real-world use cases, and awareness of cost / benefit.

The one negative for me was that as either “press” or “vendor”, we were not allowed to attend the morning user talks. So while I heard some practical discussion, I could have heard more. Hey, I’d have volunteered to have my mouth duct taped over, and agree not to quote anyone. I keep hearing what the vendors and the blogosphere and press think enterprise networking folks want. I’d really appreciate hearing some real users talking for a change! On the other hand, I do understand the point of view that press / vendors being present might inhibit frank discussion.

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