The Year in Review: Our Most Popular Tech Posts of 2015

Paul H. Mauritz
President, CEO

At NetCraftsmen, we’re first and foremost world-class network engineers. We thrive on using technology in novel ways to power organizational success, solve tough problems, help people work more closely together, and accelerate growth.

We think about technology all day long. And we love it.

And because we also believe in being true Master Craftsmen, we strive to mentor professionals in our industry by sharing the knowledge that we’ve gained through our many years in the trenches. It’s an important responsibility, and it’s the reason we host regular professional development events like our webinars and the Cisco Mid-Atlantic Users Group seminars — all of them open to anyone.

Another way we serve our profession is through our For Technologists blog, which is packed with solutions to knotty tech problems and perspectives from the industry’s top engineers. So as we get ready to close the book on 2015, let’s look back at some of our most popular technology blog posts of the year. If any of these posts should spark a question or an idea, feel free to reach out.

CUCM Self Provisioning

By David Hailey

Cisco’s Unified Communications Manager has a new Self-Provisioning feature that can simplify phone system deployment. It’s part of Cisco’s effort to improve ease-of-use and overall user experience. But what is it? And how can you deploy it in your organization? Find out with David Hailey’s step-by-step configuration.


Hybrid WAN or SD-WAN

By Peter Welcher

As software-defined networking continues to come closer to reaching a broad market, Pete Welcher took note of the hotbed of innovation occurring right now in the Hybrid WAN or SD-WAN space. He offered some observations about some of the key players in a dispatch from Network Field Day 9 in March.


NAT Configuration on ASA 8.4+

By Nic Bhasin

Nic Basin offered a comprehensive, three-part guide to Network Address Translation (NAT) implementation on Cisco ASA devices running ASA code 8.4 or higher.




‘Dualing’ Datacenters: Best Practices for Interconnection

By Peter Welcher

Big organizations that handle lots of data sometimes need to add a second datacenter. If that sounds like you, you need to consider how they’ll talk to each other. Pete reviewed the common datacenter interconnection options.


New Challenges for Network Engineers

By Terry Slattery

New transport protocols are changing the networking industry and the way that network engineers do business. It’s critical for engineers to understand these protocols — and how to troubleshoot them. Terry Slattery offers his guidance.


The 7 Deadly Sins of Network Management

By Peter Welcher

Pete provides his hard-earned wisdom on where network management tools need to go in the future — and the sins they need to avoid or overcome.


Big Changes in Storage are Coming for Network Engineers

By Russ White

For network engineers, there are big changes brewing in the storage world. And old friend of NetCraftsmen, Russ White, weighed in on what’s to come.


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